Welcome to Gardens North Wales Natural and Dramatic

North Wales is a treasure trove of wonderful gardens to visit and is again opening its gates to a stunning collection of World-Class Gardens. There are many beautiful historic and modern gardens to visit in North Wales. You can visit gardens that thrive because of their location benefiting from the warmth and moisture of the Gulf Stream.  Frosts are rarely hard here and droughts seldom long, making this an ideal place to grow plants collected from every corner of the world. 

You will find gardens representation more than 500 years of history bearing influences from countries as far away as Japan, New Zealand and Chile and gardens containing plants rarely seen elsewhere in the British Isles.

2018 is the third year of the North Wales Festival of Gardens, a unique event which brings together the finest gardens within one of the most beautiful regions of the British Isles.   This year the festival is taking place over a sixteen-day period from Saturday 2nd June until Sunday 17th June 2018 with various events taking place during the festival period. 

A timetable for some of the events taking place during the festival is included here. The majority of gardens are open to visitors for most of the year but please check individual garden details as they will vary from garden to garden. You do not have to be a gardener to get pleasure and enjoyment from visiting our gardens in North Wales.